Program Benefits

The Australian Health Assist program is a psycho-educational tool that addresses non-vocational barriers to employment for job seekers.

  • An Innovative program developed by psychologists.
  • The program is useful for developing solutions for the most disadvantaged of job seekers.
  • The program can assist tailoring solutions for specific areas or communities.
  • Can be used to integrate services and improve information sharing to assist job seekers.
  • Can direct mentoring and support for specific disadvantaged groups.
  • Can provide meaningful information that can be used for development of programs to address areas of skill shortages.
  • The tool is web based, and as such, is accessible to rural and distant communities.
  • It provides education, understanding, and direction, to be used collaboratively between job seekers and job network services to usefully address non-vocational barriers to employment.
  • Fosters links between job seekers and services relevant to their individual circumstances in their community.
  • Can be linked with training and research.
  • Ultimately leading to sustainable employment and life direction.